Class Types


ocean air intro

All students must first attend a minimum of one Ocean Air Intro class prior to attending Ocean Air Flow. 

Utilising the silk, you will be guided through the basics of aerial yoga incorporating proper alignment of each asana and an introduction to the blissful sensation of inversions which aid in decompressing your spine and releasing tension. You will be fully supported while gaining an understanding of aerial yoga, building courage and confidence as you learn to trust the silk and yourself. You will experience new ways to stretch and strengthen your body, increase joint mobility, enhance flexibility and we aim to have a lot of fun along the way. Stimulating the release of serotonin and endorphins, aerial yoga will leave you feeling uplifted, energised and after one or two classes you will be prepared to advance to an Ocean Air Flow class. This class is suitable for all levels. This class is not suitable for pregnant students.

ocean air flow

Build courage and confidence as you experience deeper stretching and strengthening throughout the entire body, using the silks to support the body and achieve postures you may not be able to through regular floor practice. Enhance proprioception through novel and engaging movement experiences as you learn strength-based inversions and arm balance asanas. Have fun as you challenge yourself, flowing to music and rediscovering the joy of play. 

This class is suitable for those who have confidently completed an Ocean Air Intro class. This class is not suitable for pregnant students.

Ocean air restore

 A low intensity class of relaxing postures where the silk is lowered close to the mat and students are peacefully guided through a deep supported release. Slow and considered movements designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system blissfully brings you on a journey to support your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Potential for an oxytocin release, produced by contact between swing and body, can enhance feelings of security, trust and wellbeing. This class also aims to improve concentration and mental functioning as well as joint flexibility, mobility and a gentle activation of muscles post training or injury. Suitable for all levels and ages. An Ocean Air Intro class is not a pre-requisite. Suitable for pregnant students in their second or third trimester.

ocean air slow flow

Love Restore and ready for something a bit more? Slow Flow is a class between Restore and Flow. The silks are at waist height. You will be guided through a slow and gently flowing class which will mobilise your joints, enhance balance and flexibility and softly introduce you to inversions. This is a dream class for those who wish to introduce more elements of aerial yoga into their practice while slowly building their strength. Suited to those who have tried Restore and want more, or have found the Intro class too challenging. 

group bookings

Have a Hens Party, a birthday gathering or just a group of friends keen to try Aerial Yoga? Why not book a group session, 10 maximum, tailored to suit your needs. Beginners with some fun flips, adventurous with some hard core work or relaxing and meditative - it's up to you! Contact to discuss.

corporate Groups

A great way to bring the team together in a relaxed and fun-filled activity. See people work together and challenge themselves as they build trust and gain confidence. Classes tailored to your needs. Contact to discuss.

private sessions

Want to try aerial yoga but would rather do it privately, at least to begin with? Book in for a one-on-one or book in with two or three friends to get specialised attention from Lexi as you learn how to use the silks to create a sense of freedom, build strength and release deeply into relaxation. Classes tailored to your needs. Contact to discuss.